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We teach our students safe, responsible driving techniques and practices.
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SAIDI was established in 1977 under the auspices of the National Road Safety Council, Traffic Safety, in order to place driver training on a co-ordinated basis and to professionalize and standardize the industry. Since the inception, great strides forward have been made, and SAIDI is recognized by such bodies as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Provincial Authorities, the Institute for Advanced Motorists of South Africa (IAM), the Automobile Association (AA) and the Department of Transport. We have noticed that excellent driver education, and the people that train the new drivers in the country, have always received very little attention from the authorities. Law enforcement is seen as the more important aspect of maintaining road safety, and to some extent it is. However we believe, self-regulation of our driving is surely a much more effective way to improve the present road fatality statistics in our beautiful country. With this in mind, we extend a special request to all ex-pupils if you were taught to drive by any of our members, and would like to let us know when you passed your licence and how you have driven for the period you have been a licenced driver, please drop us a line to We would like to prove the value of good training to the authorities as we strive, with them, to drastically reduce the shocking road fatalities in South Africa. Please help us by sending in your name, contact details and who taught you to drive, the date you passed your driving licence and give us an honest background of your driving career to date. Your co-operation in this will be highly appreciated! With thanks, Pat Allen National President, SAIDI
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